Heavy Duty Gearless

TGL SERIES (2:1 Roping)

  Speed (fpm)
Capacity (lbs) 500 600 700 800
3500 TGL1-3550 TGL1-3570 TGL1-3580
5000 TGL2-2-1-5050 TGL2-2-1-5070 TGL2-2-1-5080
8000 TGL3-8050 TGL3-8060 TGL3-8070

TGL SERIES (1:1 Roping)

  Speed (fpm)
Capacity (lbs) 350 500 700 800 1000 1200 1400
3500 TGL2-1-1-3535 TGL2-1-1-3550 TGL2-1-1-3570 TGL2A-4080 TGL3-8050 TGL3-8060 TGL3-8070
4000 TGL2A-4035 TGL2A-4050 TGL2A-4070
5000 TGL3A-5035 TGL3A-5050

Note: Duty table is only a general guide and is subject to change by Torin Drive North America. Machine selection for each particular job or duty needs to be carefully calculated and verified by the customer. Consult Hyperion sales team for details in machine selection.

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